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No one enjoys spending more time than absolutely necessary on cleaning. These cleaning shortcuts will show you how to get the satisfaction of a clean house without spending all day achieving it.

  • Map a Cleaning Route
  • Break up Chores
  • When to Hire a Professional
  • In the Kitchen
  • In the Bathroom
  • Use a Basket
  • Two-person Household

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Bask in the comfort and tranquility of a pool or spa—right in the comfort of your backyard.

There’s nothing better than simply stepping outside your back door to take a quick dip in a pool or soak for a while in a spa. These homeowners have created luxurious home retreats by using good design principles in their vision for integrating a private pool or spa into their daily lives. These outdoor jacuzzi design ideas might also be just the thing to attract a potential buyer to sit down and stay a while.

  • Wooded Refuge
  • Say “ahhhh…”
  • Contemporary cool-off
  • Clever Curves
  • Jump in
  • Swim with a view
  • Time for a swim
  • Pool repose

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After the big move, and when you finally feel settled in and are (mostly) unpacked, it’s time to explore places to go and things to do in your new hometown.  If you’re like most pet parents, you’ll want to include your furry family member in these new adventures.

Here are suggestions for finding pet friendly places and things to do as you explore the new place you call home!

Pet Friendly Restaurants & Breweries

Many restaurants with outdoor seating areas allow dogs to dine with their people.  From coffee shops and snack shacks to pubs and fine dining establishments — there are pet friendly eateries for any budget and any palate!

Dog Friendly Beaches

Running, splashing and kicking up the sand are some of the best ways to get your pooch

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You may not think of renovating your kitchen in white as being a bold move. But this homeowner proves that going with classic white is far from humdrum. See how pairing dramatic elements with an otherwise conservative wall color can elevate a room from ordinary to spectacular, and use our tips to transform your own kitchen into a room that will demand attention from your guests and prospective buyers alike.

By Kelly Eagle

  • Create Layers of Luxury
  • Incorporate Mirrored Elements
  • Add Sparkle & Shine
  • Utilize Streamlined Materials
  • Maximize Storage & Style
  • Try an Eye-Catching Faucet
  • Include Warm Wood Accents
  • Consider Double-Duty Cabinets
  • Work to Banish Clutter

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Turn your own home into a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day—or any day—with our tips and ideas to warm up every room and create cozy, inviting spaces throughout your house.

  • Romantic Getaway
  • Concrete Love
  • Escape into the Suds
  • Drapes of Love
  • Romantic Glow
  • Enveloped in Comfort
  • Colors of Passion

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Your workspace holds an abundance of power. It’s a place where you perfect your expertise; produce work of excellence; channel inner creativity and ultimately, complete a task of passion. However, if you feel this doesn’t apply to you and your workspace consists of nothing more than a desk and chair, then there’s no better time to sit down and take a read. Your workspace should inspire you to put forth your best effort to complete a masterpiece of your craft. Whether it’s an area to perfect some Pinterest-worthy DIY projects, write an important paper or finish up on work you didn’t complete during the day, your workspace should always be more than just a desk and a chair. Here are some office ideas that will inspire you well throughout the day.

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Add an attractive, comfortable bedroom to the basement to welcome guests or accommodate a growing family.

The basement can be one of the best rooms in the house for a teenager, aging parent or long-term guest—if you pay a little attention to some of its unique characteristics when planning it out. Some interior design rules apply when it comes to basement renovations; get some inspiration from these cozy, comfortable basement bedrooms that prove there’s plenty of style to be found below ground. (It can also boost your home price, as most potential buyers would far prefer a finished room over a dank basement.)

1. Create coziness with color

2. Insulate overhead to muffle sound

3. Create cottage style in a walk-out basement

4. Warm a basement with color


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An entertainment center is essential to any home, as it’s the perfect place to bring everyone together, but what if you’re building one from a re-purposed vintage piece? Design expert and Dream Team member Jennifer Adams has the answers to turn old furnishings into new functional – and stylish – decor  in the latest edition of Ask a Pro!

Q. I need to create an entertainment center on a main wall of my living area.  I have an old sideboard buffet piece with marble top and 4 drawers. It is sort of traditional in style. It is low to the ground and 48″ wide.  I want to add shelves on the side I think to extend the width on the wall. (My wall is 16′ long).  Can you suggest a style to look for? I was also thinking I should paint all 3 pieces to create a

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There’s nothing better than curling up in front of a fireplace on a chilly winter night. It’s the perfect way to end a day, and an even better place to create memories with your loved ones.  However, you may be wondering how you can update your fireplace mantel as the season transitions from fall to winter, and it’s truly quite simple. Whatever your interior, whatever your style, here are some stunning fireplace ideas that will highlight the coziness of your interior.

  • Stick with Simplicity
  • The All White Winter Look
  • The Classic Holiday Mantel
  • Add in Warmth with Rustic Wood Elements
  • Illuminate a Relaxing Oasis

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Congratulations! You’ve just purchased your first home. There’s no denying that this is a very exciting time in your life. Becoming a homeowner will bring many new opportunities your way, the first one being a chance to go shopping! As a first-time homebuyer, there are some things you need for your home that you may not have needed previously.  So grab a piece of paper and pen because it’s time to create the ultimate first-home shopping list.

  • Lawn Equipment (Lawn Mower, Weed Whacker, Weed Puller, Water Hose & Sprinkler, Ladder)
  • Household Tools (Screwdriver Set, Hammer, Level, Pliers Set, Tape Measure)
  • Gardening Gear (New Plants, Soil, Fertilizer, Mulch, Gardening Gloves, Gardening Tools, Shovel)
  • Outdoor Patio Furniture (Patio Chairs &
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